How to Create a Commotion with Buzzworthy LTOs and Menu Specials

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

INTRODUCING MIX BONUS SERIES: Discover how menu specials and LTOs can Create a Commotion—that sends sales soaring. We have tips, articles, and know-how that you can use right now in your operation.
Be Buzzworthy: Mix Bonus Series

The more menus change, the more customers stay engaged. Menu specials and LTOs (limited-time offers) create buzz, keep customers interested and staff on their toes, and help operators test out new menu items, pricing, services, and more.

We’ll cover this important topic in our MIX Bonus Series of four articles. We’ll post a new article each month. Read them one at a time and come back for more.

Focus LTOs and Specials on Seasonality

Seasonality and LTO/Daily Specials go hand in hand. Use what’s fresh to create an exciting Limited-Time Offer or Daily Special and Create a Commotion. We have ideas to get you started.
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LTOs and Specials – Powerful Menu Development Tools

Want to make sure a new item will work for your menu? Test it as a Limited-Time Offer or as a Daily Special. Discover these powerful menu development tools.
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10 Tips to Create a Commotion with LTOs & Specials

Limited-Time Offers and Daily Specials help drive excitement and awareness for your operation. Learn 10 top tactics to make the most of these promotions.
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Learn Why LTOs and Specials Succeed

Limited-Time Offers and Daily Specials are surging in importance, letting operators try new ideas and keeping customer interest high. Learn successful recent promotions.
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