Coffee-mate Iced Coffee from the Nestlé CoolPro Dispenser

Nestlé CoolPro is the latest high-quality, hygienic system designed specifically for the out-of-home market. It’s perfectly designed to fit your business needs, delivering consistently great-tasting and freshly chilled drinks quickly—up to 4 beverages per minute! And, above all, it’s refreshingly simple.

Delight your customers with delicious Coffee-mate iced coffees from America’s #1 creamer brand in this sleek 2-drink cold beverage dispenser! Customers will recharge and indulge with iced coffee beverages they crave in creamy French Vanilla and Café Mocha flavors chilled to 44°F or less.

Features & Benefits

Featuring two of the most popular Coffee-mate flavors in convenient 4 L bag-in-box concentrates.

  • No refrigeration necessary 
  • Shelf Life in Days (closed): 270
  • Shelf Life in Days (open): 14
  • Contains Kosher Dairy
  • 0 mg Cholesterol and 0 g Trans Fat per serving
  • Gluten-free
  • French Vanilla and Café Mocha flavors

Nestlé CoolPro makes cold beverages refreshingly simple.

  • Holds two 4 L bag-in-box liquid concentrates
  • Plumbed to a water connection to dispense consistent beverages
  • Serves great-tasting Nestlé products
  • Has a small footprint of only 5.4 ft2
  • Doesn’t require a high number of SKUs
  • Fully closed system
  • Provides flexible dispensing options; portion control or push and hold
  • Convenient touchscreen provides low product alert and displays number of cups served
  • Doesn’t need to be dismantled and manually cleaned
  • Dispenses up to 4 beverages per minute, consistently served at 44°F or less

Dispenser Specifications

Dispenser Dimensions

Height 29.92” (76 cm), Width 12.24” (31.1 cm), Depth 22.24” (56.5 cm)





Product Flow Rate

1.2 oz/second

Concentrate Capacity

2 / 4 L BIB

Electrical System

110 v

Security System


Refrigeration System



8 Liters

Water Connection

Plumbed to 3/8" water supply

Water Supply Pressure

Requires 20-100 PSI



Shipping Weight

110 lbs (50 kg)




Dispensed Products

ProductNestlé CodeNestlé Case Code
Coffee-mate French Vanilla Flavored Iced Coffee Concentrate 2 x 4 L 4 + 11228030400050000210404
Coffee-mate Café Mocha Flavored Iced Coffee Concentrate 2 x 4 L 4 + 11228030500050000805198



Ratio4 + 1
Yield1,352 oz



Case Configuration

Pack Size2 x 4 L
Height9.02 in
Width8.50 in
Depth11.73 in
Case Cube0.5205 ft3
Case per Pallet85
Pallet (TI/HI)17 x 5



Our commitment to you

Our machines are reliable and easy to maintain, but when you need assistance we're there.

Nestlé Professional Beverages' commitment is to offer all customers utilizing our Coffee-mate solutions peace of mind, service, and support. With customer satisfaction as our priority, we have created a professionally trained service network.

How we serve you:

  • Coverage throughout United States and Canada
  • Call center for troubleshooting
  • Fully trained service technicians
  • Support in machine commissioning and installation
  • Preventative and emergency service calls
  • For more information, please call 1-800-288-8682.