Food professionals - attract customers with plant-based products and meat substitutes, like the Sweet Earth Awesome Burger, packed with plant-based protein.

Sweet Earth Plant-Based Products

Appeal to customers who want to eat less meat and more plant-based meals. Sweet Earth products deliver the familiar taste and texture of meat. Plus, they provide the environmental and nutritional benefits offered by plant-based proteins. The plant-based meat substitutes from Sweet Earth take into account the cooking and serving requirements of foodservice, and are tailored for professional kitchens.

Offer The Great Taste of Plant-Based with the Sweet Earth Awesome Burger

Satisfy cravings for the meaty, juicy taste of a traditional burger along with plant-based nutrition and goodness. The Sweet Earth Awesome Burger is a protein-dense, plant-based meat substitute with 22 grams of protein. It’s made using U.S.-sourced yellow pea protein, which is grown with environmentally sustainable agricultural methods that promote biodiversity. Create the ultimate “burger” experience for customers at your restaurant or foodservice operation.