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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Ghost Kitchens In Foodservice


Operator Tips and Menu Ideas for Takeout and Delivery Meals


Foodservice Evolves:

Consumers are Craving More Delivery Options

Ghost kitchens or cloud kitchens, are one of the foodservice industry’s solutions to meet consumer demands for delicious, convenient meals in a safe take-out or delivery environment. Gaining momentum quickly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ghost kitchens and virtual brands offer foodservice operators opportunities to boost off-premise food sales, easily customize and adjust web or app-based menus, and cater to evolving customer needs.

Nestlé Professional and Your Ghost Kitchen

Our Nestlé Professional product portfolio and expert team of chefs can help you create streamlined menus and craveable solutions across all dayparts. We offer food and beverage menu solutions that make customization convenient, prep easy, and quality reliable. Most importantly, many of our products are shelf-stable, ready-to-use, and have extended hold times to support delivery and carryout options.

Shared Ingredients; Shared Space

Ghost kitchens and virtual brands offer flexibility to experiment with trend-forward ingredients across multiple cuisines. We can help curate your menu and create concept efficiencies with shared ingredients. In this way, you can operate multiple brands from one location or simply expand your current brand quickly through other ghost locations.

Trend Reports and Resources to Help You Get Started

We have your success in mind every step of the way. Here are some supporting trend reports and resource guides, including recipe inspiration developed with delivery and take-out meals in mind, to help you establish and grow your virtual restaurant. At Nestlé Professional, we are always here for you. Always open for you.

Stouffer's Mac & Cheese

Find out why Stouffer’s® Mac & Cheese is great in every kitchen, great to go.


Plant-based options offer traffic boosting solutions.

Read more about the Sweet Earth portfolio of a wide range of meat alternatives, ready to differentiate your takeout and delivery.


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