NESCAFÉ Alegria Mini XL

Brew high-quality coffee, time after time, with the NESCAFÉ Alegria Mini XL commercial coffee machine.

The NESCAFÉ Alegria Mini XL is the perfect commercial coffee machine. It can brew two different great-tasting black coffee products from our NESCAFÉ portfolio and also dispense hot water. The NESCAFÉ Alegria Mini XL streamlines front- and back-of-house operations for a smooth coffee experience.

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Features & Benefits

NESCAFÉ Alegria Mini XL offers great coffee on demand.

  • On-demand coffee dispenser featuring two different coffee options to choose from based on your consumer needs
  • In front-of-house applications, it can feature two different coffee offerings and can brew a single cup of coffee in three different strength options – light, medium and dark
  • In back-of-house applications, it can provide two different coffee varieties, plus quickly brews a single cup or a full carafe of coffee and dispenses hot water
  • Coffee is made fresh with the touch of a button and minimum waste

Dispenser Specifications

NESCAFÉ Alegria Mini XL Specifications


32.2 in / 82 cm
Width14.6 in / 37 cm


18.1 in / 46 cm


77.2 lbs (empty)

Number of Mixers

Delivery TimeFOH: 2 oz/sec
BOH: 1 liter/20 sec
Cups Per Minutevaries by configuration
Product Compartments2
Hot Water Dispenseyes
Manual Dispenseno
Servicehost available upon request to fill large airpods or coffee urns


Hopper Fill Information

Fill518.7 g / canister
Serving Capacityvaries by coffee brand

Plumbing and Electrical Requirements

Water Tank Capacity10 L tank with 9.5 L overflow
Water Line Size3/8 in
Water Pressure20 psi minimum
80 psi maximum
Electrical Capacity*230V & 110V
Power Usage**(230V) 5.3kw 50/60Hz 23.8A single fase supply (110V) 1.28kw 50/60Hz 11.3A single phase supply


*All electrical and plumbing utilities are the customer’s responsibility. All equipment is NSF & CUL/CSA approved.
** NOTE: conversion kit needed to change over from 230V to 110V.

Dispensed Products

ProductNestlé CodeNestlé Case Code
NESCAFÉ Alegria Delicate 4 x 250 g1232389800028000791629
NESCAFÉ Alegria 100% Arabica 4 x 250 g1232389900028000717162
NESCAFÉ Alegria Decaffeinated 4 x 250 g1232389700028000720919
NESCAFÉ Alegria Smooth 3 x 400 g1222489200028000116941
NESCAFÉ Clasico 3 x 400 g1223322117501059286853



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