NESCAFÉ 4/500 Coffee Machine

NESCAFÉ 4/500 is a commercial coffee machine that helps you serve fresh coffee the way your guests like it. It’s brewed to order, so it’s always fresh and tastes great. Our dispensing solutions will save you time, labor, and money without wasted coffee or used grounds to dispose.

The NESCAFÉ 4/500 Machine offers great-tasting black coffee for high-volume operations. Its dual dispensing system, can be pre-programmed for multiple container sizes, and four coffee-concentrate compartments will expedite your coffee service. The patented clear side panel in the packaging lets you monitor the amount of coffee dispensed, enabling you to reorder as needed with full product evacuation. The no-hassle operation produces zero waste and consistent results in every cup.

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Features & Benefits

Our packaging is unique with a clear side panel. This panel allows you to monitor the amount of coffee dispensed, enabling you to order as needed with full product evacuation.

With a closed system and a patented dispensing process, cleaning of the equipment is simple. Reduce labor needed for refilling and cleaning.


Dispenser Specifications

NESCAFÉ 4/500 Specifications

Height40 in
Width26 in
Depth26 in
Product Compartments4
Hot Water DispenseYes


Plumbing and Electrical Requirements

Water Tank Capacity20 gal
Water Line1/2 in
Water Pressure

30 psi minimum
120 psi maximum

Electrical Capacity*220-240 V / 3 Ph / 50 A


*All electrical and plumbing utilities are the customer’s responsibility. All equipment is NSF & cUL/CSA approved.

Dispensed Products

ProductNestlé CodeNestlé Case Code
NESCAFÉ  Rich Roast Coffee 2 x 2 L1000064500028000355036
NESCAFÉ  100% Columbian 2 x 2 L1000064200028000355111
NESCAFÉ Decaf 2 x 2 L1000064400028000355128
NESCAFÉ Signature Roast 2 x 2 L1000064700028000355142



Our commitment to you

Our machines are reliable and easy to maintain, but when you need assistance we're there.

Nestlé Professional Beverages' commitment is to offer all customers utilizing our NESCAFÉ solutions peace of mind, service, and support. With customer satisfaction as our priority, we have created a professionally trained service network.

How we serve you:

  • Coverage throughout United States and Canada
  • Call center for troubleshooting
  • Fully trained service technicians
  • Support in machine commissioning and installation
  • Preventative and emergency service calls

For more information, please call 1-800-288-8682.