NESCAFÉ Mini XL Machine

Brew high-quality coffee, time after time, with the NESCAFÉ Mini XL commercial coffee machine.

The NESCAFÉ® Mini XL is the perfect commercial coffee machine. It features two easy-to-clean canisters which can brew two different great-tasting black coffee products from our NESCAFÉ portfolio and also dispense hot water. The NESCAFÉ Mini XL streamlines front- and back-of-house operations for a smooth coffee experience.

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Features & Benefits

NESCAFÉ Mini XL offers great coffee on demand.

  • On-demand coffee dispenser featuring two different coffee options to choose from based on your consumer needs
  • In front-of-house applications, it can feature two different coffee offerings and can brew a single cup of coffee in three different strength options – light, medium and dark
  • In back-of-house applications, it can provide two different coffee varieties, plus quickly brews a single cup or a full carafe of coffee and dispenses hot water
  • Coffee is made fresh with the touch of a button and minimum waste

Dispenser Specifications

NESCAFÉ Mini XL Specifications


32.2 in / 82 cm
Width14.5 in / 36.83 cm


18.1 in / 45.72 cm


77.2 lbs (empty)

Number of Mixers

Delivery TimeFOH: 2 oz/sec
BOH: 1 liter/20 sec
Cups Per Minutevaries by configuration
Product Compartments2
Hot Water Dispenseyes
Manual Dispenseno
Servicehost available upon request to fill large airpods or coffee urns


Hopper Fill Information

Fill518.7 g / canister
Serving Capacityvaries by coffee brand

Plumbing and Electrical Requirements

Water Tank Capacity10 L tank with 9.5 L overflow
Water Line Size3/8 in
Water Pressure20 psi minimum
80 psi maximum
Electrical Capacity*230V & 110V
Power Usage**(230V) 5.3kw 50/60Hz 23.8A single fase supply (110V) 1.28kw 50/60Hz 11.3A single phase supply


*All electrical and plumbing utilities are the customer’s responsibility. All equipment is NSF & CUL/CSA approved.
** NOTE: conversion kit needed to change over from 230V to 110V.

Dispensed Products

ProductNestlé CodeNestlé Case Code
NESCAFÉ Delicate 4 x 250 g1232389800028000791629
NESCAFÉ 100% Arabica 4 x 250 g1232389900028000717162
NESCAFÉ Decaf 4 x 250 g1232389700028000720919
NESCAFÉ Smooth 3 x 400 g1222489200028000116941
NESCAFÉ Clasico 3 x 400 g1223322117501059286853



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