Build Sales with Creative Coffees

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Coffee has seemingly unlimited variations. Discover some international trends that are bringing new life to the segment. Then use them to build your business.

Glass of bicerin; “mojito” coffees; affogato; coffee with butter; flat white
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Vietnamese Coffee

Introduced to Vietnam by the French during the mid-1800s, cà phê đá or cafe da is a traditional beverage made with dark roast coffee that’s brewed or poured into a glass filled with a few spoonfuls of sweetened condensed milk to taste. Although the coffee can be served hot, it is also delicious iced. The drink can also be made with cold brew. 

“Mojito” Coffee

This nonalcoholic (but caffeinated) take on a classic vehicle for mint starts by muddling fresh mint with sugar until the herb is very fragrant, then adding hot or iced coffee or cold brew and serving the whole thing over ice, garnished with optional mint. Creamer can also be added, and the drink can be made with mint syrup if fresh mint is unavailable or undesirable.


Based on a signature coffee drink in San Francisco, this indulgent beverage consists of club soda or sparkling water and ice in a tall glass, topped with a double shot of espresso, simple syrup, and whipped cream. Serve with a long tea spoon for stirring and spooning.


Pronounced “be serene,” this delicious warm treat native to Turin in northern Italy layers equal parts of drinking chocolate, espresso, and whipped milk or cream in a small, thick-sided glass. The flavor can be varied with syrups or creamers, such as hazelnut or French vanilla.

Butter Coffee

Typically made with grass-fed butter, this favorite of Paleo dieters consists very simply of strong coffee blended with unsalted butter, sometimes with a few drops of vanilla extract. Some fans add a spoonful of pumpkin purée for flavor and richness.

Flat White

Originally from Australia, this hot coffee drink is similar to a latte but smaller and less foamy, because it contains less milk. The simple formula consists of a single or double shot of strong espresso, topped with microfoam steamed whole milk, which is less frothy than milk used for a cappuccino. 

Coffee Lemonade

Cold brew’s smooth, almost fruity flavor profile lends itself to the citrusy taste of lemonade, in a two-to-one ratio over lots of ice. Experiment with flavored lemonade to create a real signature refresher. Coffee ice cubes make it even more special.


“Drowning” (affogato) a scoop of gelato with a shot of espresso creates a treat that’s part dessert and part after-dinner coffee. Although vanilla is traditional, the gelato can be any flavor that pairs with coffee, such as chocolate, pistachio, or even cherry chunk—just be sure to include a spoon. 

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