Sunkist Ready-to-Serve Juices & Lemonade 10 L

Serve a variety of refreshing juices and lemonade from the convenient Sunkist RTS Express dispenser. This system is ready-to-serve, no water lines needed for the perfect combination of quality and convenience. Available in 2-drink and 3-drink models that are completely portable.

As a widely recognized brand, Sunkist products are the perfect choice for your beverage station, appealing to a wide range of customers who prefer different flavor options. Dispensers have the flexibility to hold ambient 10 L bag-in-box and chilled 2.5 gal bag-in-canister options.

Features & Benefits

Sunkist Juices & Lemonade

Cold and refreshing Sunkist juices and lemonade quench your customers' thirst for high quality flavors such as not-from-concentrate orange juice, lemonade, apple juice, and cranberry juice cocktail.

  • Refrigerated Shelf Life in Days (closed): 120 - 180

The Sunkist RTS Dispenser offers:

RTSPak bag-in-box containers automatically dispense high quality juices and juice drinks.

RTSPak bag-in-box containers insert quickly and easily into the RTS Express dispenser chamber.

Sturdy 10 L bag-in-box containers designed to evacuate completely are recyclable.

The 2- or 3-drink RTS systems serve a refreshing lineup of juices and juice drinks that can be swapped out to keep up with customer demand.

Dispenser Specifications

 2-Drink Chilled2-Drink Ambient3-Drink (1 Chilled / 2 Ambient)
Height28.5 in28.5 in28.5 in
Width14.25 in14.25 in20 in
Length22 in22 in23.4 in
Weight75 lbs70 lbs98 lbs


Dispensed Products

ProductNestlé CodeNestlé Case Code
Sunkist Apple Juice 100% Ambt 10 L1000042310011100000620
Sunkist Cranberry Juice Cocktail 12% Ambt 10 L1000042410011100000637
Sunkist Orange Juice 100% Ambt 10 L1000042610011100000651



Case Configuration

Pack Size10 L
Case Height5.354 in
Case Width10.394 in
Case Depth15.315 in
Case Cube0.493 ft3
Case per Pallet60
Pallet (TI/HI)10 x 6



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How we serve you:

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