Serve freshly chilled Nestlé Vitality juices from the Nestlé CoolPro commercial juice dispenser. Great for healthcare and hospitality services.

Nestlé CoolPro
Commercial Juice Dispenser

Cold Beverages Made Refreshingly Simple

Commercial Cold Beverage Dispenser

Did You Know?
66% of out-of-home juice purchases are Orange, Cranberry, and Apple.

Designed Specifically for the Out-Of-Home Foodservice

Commercial Cold Beverage Dispenser

Easy-to-operate touchscreen

Provides low product alert and displays number of cups served

Offers flexible dispensing options

Nestlé Vitality juices are ambient to save freezer space

Compact dispenser for many out-of-home applications

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Commercial Cold Beverage Dispenser
coolpro sell sheet

Nestlé CoolPro Makes Cold Juices Refreshingly Simple

coolpro sell sheet

Learn how the Nestlé CoolPro commercial juice dispenser makes it easy to consistently deliver great-tasting, chilled Nestlé Vitality juices to delight your patrons.

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Freshly Chilled Juices For Healthcare Facilities

Nestlé CoolProis a commercial juice dispenser that helps you serve fresh-tasting juice in a food-safe way. It consistently delivers great-tasting juices that are freshly chilled to 44°F or less. Let your customers choose their favorite flavor of Nestlé Vitality juices from this double beverage dispenser.


Efficient For Hospitality Foodservice

The Nestlé CoolPro machine has a simple, self-serve touchscreen and dispenses up to 4 beverages per minute. Combine these features with its compact design and this commercial juice dispenser makes it easier than ever to keep up with guests’ demands.


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