Cold Beverages Made Refreshingly Simple.

Cold Beverages Made
Refreshingly Simple


Now Serving Nestlé Vitality Juices from the Nestlé CoolPro Dispenser

Win Millennial Trust or Risk Losing Them

Iced is the New Black


Quench Every Customer’s Thirst for Something New

Chill with Cold Beverages

Did you know that 76% of all drinks served in commercial foodservice are cold beverages?* Nestlé CoolPro allows you to delight your customers with consistently great tasting, freshly chilled drinks like Coffee-mate iced coffee.

Nestlé CoolPro

Designed to fit your needs and increase your beverage menu with ease.

Touchscreen menu provides low product alerts & number of cups served.

Offers multiple cup sizes.

Easy to operate.

Ambient product saves freezer space.

Compact dispenser reduces store footprint & storage space.

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Convenience vs. Quality

Learn How CoolPro Makes Cold Beverages Refreshingly Simple.