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cup of iced coffee with ice and Coffee mate creamer

Coffee mate®

Discover popular flavors and innovative formats designed to fit your business needs.
coffee mate powders singles and pumps


Preferred by coffee lovers. Built for business.  

Coffee mate is built for business with a variety of formats and pricing options for every budget. Perfect for workplaces, convenience, lodging, college & university and more. And since it's America's #1 creamer,* you can be sure you're giving your guests exactly what they want.  

*Based on total dollar sales by brand.

holding a cup of iced coffee with Coffee mate Sweetened Original coffee creamer
3 out of 4 consumers say Coffee mate is their preferred flavored creamer away from home.

Datassential, Nestlé Coffee mate Refresh Report,
May 2022 

employees enjoying bulk creamer, hot coffee in corporate office
72% of employees think more highly of workplaces offering Coffee mate.

Datassential, Nestlé Coffee mate Refresh Report,
May 2022 

hand holding a credit card, paying for iced coffee with Coffee mate French Vanilla bulk creamer
66% of consumers are more likely to buy coffee from businesses offering Coffee mate.

Datassential, Nestlé Coffee mate Refresh Report,
May 2022

Serve the format that serves your needs. 

We know that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer the largest range of innovative flavors and formats that work for you and your budget

bulk wholesale liquid creamer singles packets
Liquid Creamer Singles

Our most popular creamer format, individually portioned with display-ready packaging and a 9-month shelf life.

bulk wholesale liquid creamer pump bottles
Liquid Creamer Pumps

Our most cost-effective liquid creamer format featuring a small footprint and 300 portion-controlled servings.

bulk wholesale dispensed liquid creamer
Dispensed Liquid Creamer

The ideal creamer format for high-volume settings with quick-dispensing systems able to serve 2 or 3 flavors at a time.

bulk wholesale powder creamer
Powdered Creamers

The efficient creamer format, offering 2-year ambient shelf life and available in multi-serve canisters or single-serve packets.


Impress your guests with plant based.

glass of soda with dirty soda creamer on the side
Let’s Talk Dirty Soda

Get in on the new drink sensation that’s smooth, bubbly and refreshing.

cup of hot coffee with saucer and Coffee mate creamer
Coffee lovers love us.
And you will too.
  • Innovative flavors & formats  
  • Long shelf life, low waste  
  • Simple to stock, easy to use  
  • Efficient, low-labor options  
  • Premium quality, preferred brand