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Dessert Products

Chefs and operators are under pressure to serve showstopping desserts. Make it happen with convenient, high-quality baking products in bulk and wholesale formats from brands that are incredibly well-known by you and your customers.

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From ready-to-bake desserts to supplies for baking from scratch, you’ll find a tasty selection of dessert products. Meet demand for timeless flavors with innovative formats, including premade frozen cookie dough, ready-to-eat cookie spread, chocolate chips, canned pumpkin, and evaporated milk.

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Cookie Dough

Strengthen your dessert menu with the strong heritage of the Nestlé Toll House brand. Ready-to-bake frozen bulk cookie dough comes in individual pre-formed pucks, making it easy to bake up cookies in classic flavors. You’ll find lots of creative ways to bring the cookies customers love to your menu.

Pre-portioned | Ready-to-bake | Kosher certified


Say Hello to Nestlé Toll House Cookie Pucks

One bite of a Nestlé Toll House cookie will take your customers back to the nostalgic, fresh-baked flavor they know and love. Handheld items are driving growth in dessert sales, and these cookies come in six flavors and multiple sizes.

Meet Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Spread

When it comes to Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Spread, seeing is believing. Explore what our show-stopping spread can do for your menu.

Chocolate Chips

For more than 75 years, Nestlé Toll House has played an important part on dessert menus. The versatile chocolate chips offer a classic, delicious flavor. Use bulk chocolate chips as a dessert topping, an inclusion in ice cream and baked goods, or to bring the cookie that customers love to your menu.

All natural | Gluten free | No artificial colors | No artificial flavors | Made with 100% real chocolate

Sweet Snacks Around the Clock. Get the Free eBook.

A sweet snack can take the place of some meals—think coffee cake at breakfast time. Grow your sales by offering small sweet treats throughout the day. Our eBook has suggestions.

Canned Banking Goods

Create a crave-worthy dessert menu by using branded canned goods in your recipes. Bulk supplies of unsweetened canned pumpkin, evaporated milk and malted milk are a great addition to desserts and baked goods, from cakes and pies to milkshakes and parfaits.