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Trend Reports and White papers

Limited time offers cover image with burger soup and coffee

Winning with Limited-Time Offers

Tips, tricks, and time-tested techniques that prove the power of limited-time offers in the restaurant business.

Man holding an Open sign

Prepare Your Restaurant for a Possible Recession

Learn proven strategies now to prevent a possible decline in sales or customer counts in the future.

Robots carrying tray 2023 Trend Report

Top 2023 Food & Beverage Industry Trends

Jump-start 2023 with business intelligence, insights, and action items found in this exclusive report.

Up close of a healthy sandwich

Sandwiches Trend Report White Paper

Sandwiches are perfect for takeout and delivery. Discover how upping your sandwich game can drive new profits.

Glass of lemon water and plate of lasagna

Operator Toolkit Q2 2022: Labor Savings and Seasonal Trends

Providing insights on industry trends that you can use to better connect with your customers.

All Day dining trends

All-day Dining Trend Report White Paper

Consumer eating times are changing. Discover how to leverage late-night dining and all-day breakfast trends to introduce new streams of revenue.

Nestle Vitality Flavor Delvers recipe guide

Flavor That Delivers: Beverage Recipe & Inspiration Guide

Today’s consumers want more than just refreshment. They want something refreshingly different. Offer them unique beverages they can’t get at home.

Download our beverage recipe and inspiration guide to explore soda alternatives for your menu. You’ll find operationally friendly beverages in a wide range of flavor combinations that make your restaurant worth the trip.

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Top 2022 Food & Beverage Industry Trends White Paper

Customers continue to rely on foodservice at home and away although ‘business as usual’ no longer exists. Discover ways to find success in a new universe.

Breakfast Trend Report

The Breakfast Trends Opportunity Trend Report

Winning Foodservice Strategies for A.M. Sales

Chef changing menu sign

Optimize Menus, Maximize Sales

Find out how menu engineering can help build profits despite challenging times.

2021 food and beverage trends

Food and Beverage Industry Trends 2021

COVID-19 presents many business challenges for operators in the food and beverage industry. This year, the 2021 Food and Beverage Trends are defined by 5 challenges and strategies for operators to win in the New Normal.

vegetabe and fruits clean label

Clean Label and What it Means for Foodservice

Download this white paper to get exclusive access to the results from a study that involves 1000 consumers and 251 foodservice operators.

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