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Sustainability Is Our Business

Explore our efforts to ensuring long-term company success, while shaping a better, healthier world for society and the planet.

Our Ambition: Leaving the World Better Than We Found It

The future of food – and our planet – is in our hands. To create real change, we collaborate with our people and partners to research, develop and execute innovative solutions that improve our impact.

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5 Key Areas of Focus

At Nestlé Professional, we aim to enhance our sustainability while supporting food operators’ goals. The following priorities, which ladder up to the Nestlé Global sustainability goals, build upon more than a decade of significant progress, investment and momentum.

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Net Zero Greenhouse Emissions

We contribute to the Nestlé Global goal of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions since 2018 by 20% by 2025, 50% by 2030 and striving for net zero emissions by 2050.

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Sustainable Ingredients & Sourcing

We created the Responsible Sourcing Standard to guide ingredients and materials sourcing. We also ensure our business operations don’t risk the livelihoods of our farmers, their families or their communities.

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Recyclable or Reusable Packaging

We contribute to the Nestle global goal of >95 % of our plastic packaging being designed for recycling systems by 2025 and we’re committed to achieving 100%.

Next Gen Empowerment
Next Gen Empowerment

The global initiative – Nestlé Needs YOU ­­– aims to elevate the skills of our future workforce. Our goal is to impact more than half a million next generation talent in the U.S. by 2025

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Healthy & Nutritious Food Experiences

We assess our products’ nutritional information and develop alternative food options to support operators’ and consumers’ wellness goals.

Examples of Our Progress

  • Every U.S. factory producing Nestlé Professional products creates zero waste for disposal.
  • The majority of Nestlé Professional U.S. packaging is recyclable, from corrugated and paperboard boxes to our Chef-mate® steel cans. For packaging that isn’t recyclable yet, we collaborate with R&D teams and suppliers to identify and develop potential solutions.
  • We dedicated $1 million dollars to support youth pursuing careers in the restaurant, food service and hospitality fields through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s ProStart program.

Sustainability Trends & Resources: Check out the latest data, trends and inspiration that fuels our momentum.

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Learn more about Nestlé’s sustainability efforts on our global site

Helping You Deliver Your Sustainability Ambitions

Our sustainability goals and priorities aren’t just about us. They also help food service operators achieve sustainability goals at scale. We support your efforts to reduce food waste, meet customer and investor expectations, cut costs, and so much more.

Simply put, we’re in this together. Our experts constantly gather the latest sustainability insights and best practices to share with you.

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