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A cheesy Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza sandwich being pulled apart, showcasing stringy melted cheese, with the words "crispy"

The snack that’ll keep ’em coming back

With 95% brand recognition,* Hot Pockets are consumers’ go-to for grab and go. *Datassential FLAVOR, Hot Pockets, 2024

*Datassential FLAVOR, Hot Pockets, 2024

Various Hot Pockets flavors lined up on a shelf.

Packed with Potential

Hot Pockets sandwiches are the perfect handheld snack to set your business apart with flavors and formats for all-day sales. They’re individually wrapped with eye-catching packaging and boast an extended shelf life whether merchandising frozen (12 mo.) or refrigerated (7 days). And since they’re a good source of protein and feature real cheese and no artificial flavors,* your customers are going to go crazy for them.

*Applies to select sandwiches.

On-the-go is on the rise.

Satisfy a growing demand for on-demand snacks with Hot Pockets sandwiches.

hot pocket in microwave icon
Half of all operators say snack sales have increased in the last year.*

*Datassential Snacking Keynote 2023

One hand is spinning the Hot Pockets Pizza Sandwich with the number “3/4” on the red background.
Nearly three quarters of consumers have a snack in place of a traditional meal at least once per week.*

*Datassential Snacking Keynote 2023

A Hot Pockets Pizza Sandwich on a plate with the word “2X” in the red background
Consumers snack more than twice a day on average.*

*Datassential Snacking Keynote 2023

Serve What's Hot
A delicious pizza roll filled with gooey cheese and savory pepperoni.
Stand out with Stix

Pizza Stix® are the ultimate on-the-go snack that’s packed with a proven blend of pepperoni-flavored pizza topping, real cheese and zesty tomato sauce. They’re quick and easy to prepare and even faster to sell.*

 *2023 Nestlé Professional Solutions Sales Data

Pepperoni Pizza


A delicious pizza roll filled with gooey cheese and savory pepperoni.

Pepperoni Pizza

Available in traditional sandwich and Pizza Stix® sizes, Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza offers an ultra-portable alternative to slices that’s always served hot and cooked fresh. And since 80% of consumers say they like or love pepperoni,* it’s no surprise that it’s our top selling flavor.

Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza

 *Datassential Snap Food Profile, 2024



A delicious Hot Pockets breakfast sandwich with melted cheese and savory sausage on a yellow background

Breakfast sales are served

Nearly 60% of consumers prefer the convenience of eating breakfast out of home, with 55% of Gen-Z consumers seeking grab and go breakfast options.* Make mornings work harder for your business with the deliciously simple breakfast Hot Pockets option your customers are sure to love.

Hot Pockets Sausage, Egg & Cheese

 *Datassential Snacking Keynote 2023

Buffalo-Style Chicken


A delicious Hot Pockets Buffalo-Style Chicken sandwich drizzled with savory buffalo sauce

Get a buffalo-sized boost

Did you know 88% of Gen-Z consumers love Buffalo flavor?* Made with white meat chicken, cheddar cheese and a fiery Buffalo style sauce in a crispy crust, this trending snack will bring the heat to your snacking sales.

Hot Pockets Buffalo-Style Chicken

 *Datassential Snacking Keynote 2023

Quickly reheat a Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza Sandwich in the microwave oven


On-demand snacks with in-demand benefit

• High brand recognition, trusted ingredients

• Eye-catching packaging ready for display

• Extended shelf life resulting in less waste

• Perfect for grab and go micromarkets