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trends and insights

Trends and Insights

As our industry changes, adapting is essential. Check back often for new insights, data, and trends.
man pouring a drink from a shaker into a long-stemmed glass

Innovative Cocktails Create a Buzz

Global flavors, so important in foodservice, have come to mixology. Learn how exotic notes like smoke and spice define today’s beverages.

Two people eating out of take out containers

Learn Sustainability From College Foodservice

Campus foodservice directors are sustainability experts. Their students demand it. Here’s how you can benefit from the lessons they’ve learned.

person at table using chopsticks to eat an entree in a bowl

The Future of Grab-and-Go

Discover how the current and future state of grab-and-go can help you plan new ready-to-eat promotions for your food and beverage business.

Group of friends eating at table outside

Restaurant Strategies for More Profitable Off-Peak Hours

Our foodservice industry professionals share actionable insights that can contribute to more profitable menu strategies.

Pumpkin ‘n’ Brew Soup

Behold the Power of Pumpkin

Find out how pumpkin promises more for your menu in every season!

people holding iced coffee with straws

17 Easy Ideas for Promoting Beverages

Make beverage promotions a regular part of your marketing program. Get your creative juices flowing with these easy and ingenious promotional ideas.

women sitting at table with juice in glass holding cell phones

Sell More Iced Coffee and Iced Tea with Customized Offerings

Beverage customers look forward to a moment of refreshment each day. Here’s what’s trending in cold coffee and iced tea to keep them coming back.

breakfast foods and a latte on table

The Foodservice Breakfast Opportunity

Breakfast is big business. Take advantage of its potential.

men and a woman holding hot and iced coffee in a cup and mug

Start Here Before Planning Your Next Beverage Promotion

Foodservice beverage promotions can boost daypart sales and even turbocharge an entire food and drink season. Learn how.

stack of savory pancakes

Flipping for Pancakes

Pancakes are simple yet offer a world of flavor options. Try these 10 fantastic pancake recipes in your restaurant for a twist on the traditional.

burger ingredients

How to Build Burgers From $6.99 to $699.99

Discover the burger add-ons that stand out, wow patrons, and justify higher prices in the restaurant industry.

woman and man at table with fruit being served

Balancing Taste and Nutrition on Senior Living Center Menus

Learn tips to design senior living menus that keep seniors healthy and happy. It starts with creating meals that are nutritious and delicious.

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