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Whatever’s Next, Together We Got This

See how you can easily create amazing dishes guests love.

When it comes to those cheese sauces, chilis and gravies guests love but that also take a ton of time to make from scratch, CHEF-MATE® is there. We got this!

Plus, since takeout and delivery are on the rise, you can be confident your dishes reach your guests just the way you intended. See insights and stats on takeout dining with our To-Go Trends Infographic. 

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Your Signature Items, Our Cheese Sauces, Chilis and Gravies — We Got This!

See how you can easily and confidently craft the dishes guests love. And no matter what trends are on the horizon, with the versatility and simple prep of CHEF-MATE®, together We Got This!




See how the easy, heat-and-serve prep of Chef-mate® Country Sausage Gravy makes it simple to create classic comfort dishes for breakfast and beyond.



To-Go Tip: Replace the eggs with on-hand ingredients or simply omit. Package up chips, warm CHEF-MATE® Cheese Sauce and other toppings separately for maximum customer enjoyment.

Chili 5-Way To-Go

Try a new twist on spaghetti. Watch how CHEF-MATE® Chili Con Carne and just a few simple ingredients can be used to build an easy and popular comfort dish that's perfect for takeout or delivery.

Sausage Herb Risotto

To-Go Tip: This hearty main dish is perfect for travel. Use this CHEF-MATE® Country Sausage Gravy comfort recipe as-is or as a base for a weekly special dressed up with surplus pantry items.

Country Corn Cakes

To-Go Tip: These tasty bites offer another way to use CHEF-MATE® White Cheddar Cheese Sauce and serve as the perfect add-on to any take-home order.
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Your Culinary Ideas, Our Easy-to-Use Products — We Got This!

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