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Custom Menu Development

Successful innovation doesn't happen by chance. Join us on the Custom Innovation Journey.
A Partnership in Product Development

The Custom Innovation Group is passionate about bringing high-performing concepts to market. We collaborate with you at any stage of product development to:

Custom brand team in a meeting
  • Simplify BOH 
  • Reduce waste 
  • Achieve supply continuity
  • Utilize existing equipment 
  • Maximize use with multiple applications 
  • Increase revenue as a promotion-worthy concept

Connect with Us

Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there.

Our Innovation Journey is a product evolution  path that can flex to any phase in your development lifecycle, from early-stage ideation to launch strategy. 

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Inspire icon with logo
Stage One: Inspire

Uncover exciting concepts validated by deep consumer insight.

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Stage Two: Strategize

Vet ideas through an operational and financial lens.

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Stage Three: Create

Create, refine and sample recipes with our chefs in our FDA-approved test kitchen.

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Stage Four: Launch

Stylize your concepts for internal communications and go-to-market marketing.

Let's start your journey

Our product development team is comprised of functional experts who coordinate with your specialists at each step. Bring your culinary team to our test kitchen to join our chefs on the bench. Call on our regulatory experts to confirm compliance. Request buzzworthy pitch materials from our sales and marketing team.