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Image of a coffee mate dirty soda ad, displaying a refreshing drink in a glass with ice and a lime slice.
The next evolution of soda

that’s smooth, bubbly and refreshing.

mix with soda dirty soda
Discover Dirty Soda

The next evolution of soda involves adding creamer to iced soft drinks, and consumers love it. That's why Coffee mate® has developed a proprietary solution made specifically for mixing with soda.  

Bring our deliciously simple solution to your
 customers today. 

Dirty Soda is in Demand

A lime slice with 75% juice on it, showcasing its vibrant green color and the refreshing citrus flavor it holds
75% of consumers like or love soda. 

Datassential April 2024 

A discounted coconut with a 25% off sticker
3 out of 4 prefer
 Coffee mate® as their on-the-go creamer.

Nestlé Coffee mate Refresh Report, May 2022 

Green and white striped straw with number ¾
25% are more likely to visit fast food chains serving dirty soda.

2024 Technomic, The Future of Limited-Service Restaurants Consumer Trend Report

Why Dirty Soda Creamer?

A woman holding a drink and smiling
Carefully Crafted

Resilient to acidity in soft drinks & lemonades

A close-up image of a coconut with multiple lime slices arranged around it
Refreshing Flavor

Proprietary formulation available in popular Coconut Lime flavor.

A close-up of a glass of soft drinks, showcasing its vibrant color and refreshing appeal
Looks That Pop

Smooth texture formulated to enhanced visual appearance. 

steaming iced coffee with coffee mate dirty soda creamer on a rustic rock surface, creating a cozy and earthy ambiance
Set Your Soda Up For Success

Coffee mate® would love to introduce the dirty soda category to your consumers. And to help,
we offer both singles and bulk formats to fit your business needs. Interested?


Set up a quick call with our sales team.