Here at Nature's Heart we've taken snack mixes to the next level of fun and flavorful wholesomeness. Made with heart, crafted from nature. Nature's Heart provides easy, and delicious snacks for on-the-go consumers. Each handful will bring a satisfying bite of adventure to your day.

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Grab-and-Go Snacking Made Simple

Today’s consumers are always on the go. NATURE’S HEART® plant-based mixes offer unique snacking options for micro-markets, snack bars, vending machines and grab-and-go locations. The carefully selected ingredients, delicious flavors and individually packaged sizes are designed to put a smile on the faces of your customers.

NATURE’S HEART launched with a deep dive into why the brand has been so successful around the world and how it will boost your snacking sales.

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Superfood Snacks with Super Good Flavor

NATURE’S HEART glazed fruit and trail mixes offer customers a flavorful moment of goodness. These plant-based blends satisfy hunger with a surprising combination of bold, delicious flavors. Give your customers the taste of goodness they crave with NATURE’S HEART snacks.

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NATURE’S HEART was created by David, Raul and Daniel—

Three brothers from Ecuador with an unbridled passion to nurture healthier lifestyles and an unwavering respect for the goodness of nature. In 2010, they began partnering with hundreds of goldenberry farmers in Ecuador and Colombia to share this exotic fruit with the world while generating sustainable income for each farming family. Today, they’re bringing the very best of nature to your customers with NATURE’S HEART snack mixes.

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