NESCAFÉ Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

  • 25.59H x 16.25W x 22.25D
  • Grinds, brews, and dispenses
  • Serves up to 20 beverage styles
  • 3 beverage sizes
  • 40-150 cups per day
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • UI/NSF Certified
  • Touchless ordering and contactless payment available

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Consumers state that freshness, flavor, and consistency are essential for a good cup of coffee. They also prefer specialty coffees that are ground and brewed. Meet customer demand with the NESCAFÉ Bean-to-Cup coffee machine.

At the simple push of a button, this bean-to-cup brewer freshly grinds whole beans, then consistently brews and dispenses a variety of other high-quality, fresh-tasting coffee and great-tasting instant hot beverages with minimal waste.

Offer your customers a variety of coffeehouse-style drinks they want – from espressos and cappuccinos to mochas and americanos – with NESCAFÉ Bean-to-Cup coffee machine.

See if the NESCAFÉ Bean-to-Cup Machine is the right fit for your business.


Source: Datassential BUZZ 2019


How many types of beverages does NESCAFÉ Bean-to-Cup coffee machine make?
NESCAFÉ Bean-to-Cup coffee brewer serves up to 20 different beverage styles, such as espressos, cappuccinos, café mochas, and hot chocolate.

Does the NESCAFÉ Bean-to-Cup coffee machine serve sustainable coffee?
The NESCAFÉ Bean-to-Cup coffee machine freshly grinds whole beans and dispenses instant hot coffee that are made using coffee beans that are sustainably sourced through The NESCAFÉ Plan.

    Beverage Styles

    Espresso Drinks

    • Espresso
    • Cappuccino
    • Café Latte
    • Café Americano
    • Long Espresso

    Chocolate Drinks

    • Hot Chocolate
    • Chocolate with Milk
    • Café Mocha
    • Vanilla Cocoa

    French Vanilla Drinks

    • French Vanilla
    • French Vanilla with Milk
    • Café Vanilla
    • Vanilla Cocoa

    Coffee and Hot Water

    • Black Coffee
    • Hot Water

    Features & Benefits


    • Grinds, brews and dispenses
    • Up to 20 beverages
    • 3 beverage sizes
    • 40-150 cups per day
    • Intuitive touchscreen
    • Easy-to-clean design
    • UI/NSF Certified

    Product Variety
    Choose from a variety of roast, ground and soluble coffees using sustainably grown and sourced coffee beans.

    Dispenser Specifications



    25.59 in
    Width16.25 in


    22.25 in


    120 V

    Hot Water Dispense

    Manual DispenseYes


    Plumbing and Electrical Requirements

    Water Tank Capacity20 oz boiler capacity
    Water Line3/8 in (can drop to 1/4 in if needed)
    Water Pressure7.3 psi minimum
    123 psi maximum
    Electrical Capacity*120 V


    *All electrical and plumbing utilities are the customer’s responsibility. All equipment is NSF & cUL/CSA approved.

    Dispensed Products

    ProductNestlé CodeNestlé Case Code

    NESTLÉ Premium Hot Choc Mix 4x1.75lb



    NESCAFÉ Espresso Roast 4x250g



    NESTLÉ Carnation Instant Nonfat Dry Milk 4x22.75oz



    NESCAFÉ French Vanilla Powder 6x2lb



    NESCAFÉ Whole Bean Espresso 6X2.2lb



    NESCAFÉ Decaf 4x250g





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