Bloody Ginger

  • 2:03 TIME
  • 65 Portions
  • 6 calories



Campbell's V8 100% Vegetable Juice60 oz
Maggi Seasoning, 1/4 cup or to taste2 fl.oz
Ginger root, fresh, 1/4 cup minced, lightly sauteed2 oz
Lime juice, fresh, 1/4 cup2 oz



  1. Whisk together all 4 ingredients. Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours before service.

Additional garnishes can include various pickled vegetables, citrus wedges, crispy bacon, olives, a selection of hot sauces, or many other over the top creative ideas.

Nutritional Information

Average nutritional values per portion

UnitImposed header
Energy6 kcal
Protein0 g
Fats, total0 g
Carbohydrate, total1 g
Sugars, total1 g
Fats, saturated0 g
Fiber, total dietary0 g
Sodium125 mg
Calcium5 mg
Cholesterol0 mg
Iron0 mg
Vitamin C8 mg
Vitamin D0 IU