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Guiltless Chicken and Waffles

  • 20 min
  • Easy
  • 10
Using multigrain waffle batter with wild rice and dried cranberries turns a beloved classic into a better-for-you—and more delicious—rendition.
  • Multigrain waffle batter, prepared -- 2.5 lb
  • Wild rice, cooked -- 1 lb
  • Cranberries, dried -- 6 oz
  • Water -- 16 fl oz
  • Trio® Low Sodium Poultry Gravy Mix -- 2.8 oz
  • Chicken breast fillets, grilled -- 2.5 lb
Thoroughly combine waffle batter, wild rice, and cranberries.
Pour 3/4 cup of waffle batter onto a preheated, greased waffle iron. Cook until waffle is browned and crisp.
Bring water to a boil. Pour Low Sodium Poultry Gravy Mix into boiling water and whisk vigorously. Hold warm.
For each serving, slice chicken and place on waffle. Finish with 1/4 cup of gravy.