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Tuna Tartare

Forming marinated cubed tuna and ripe avocado in a ring mold creates an elegant presentation for this classic raw tuna specialty.
  • 0:10 TIME
  • 4 Portions



Tuna steak, diced8 oz
Chives, fresh, chopped2 tsp
Maggi® Seasoning2 tsp
Oil, grapeseed1 tsp
Lime juice, fresh2 tsp
Shallot, diced, fried2 tsp



  1. Toss diced tuna with chives, seasoning, and oil. Season to taste.
  2. Dice avocado just before service, and toss gently with lime juice.
  3. For each serving place a ring mold on a plate. Place avocado in the ring mold. Pat it down gently with the bottom of a spoon to create a flat surface. Top avocado with diced tuna. Gently pat tuna to create a flat surface so when the ring mold is removed the tartare remains in a cylindrical shape.
  4. Remove ring mold and top the tartare with crispy shallots.
  5. Garnish with micro greens and brunoise of radish. Additional sauce may be drizzled on the plate.