Sunkist Lemonade from the Vitality Express Dispenser

Expand your beverage business. With the Vitality Express Dispenser, you get state-of-the-art equipment that leads the industry in efficiency, reliability, and food safety.

Dispense cold and refreshing Sunkist flavored lemonades to quench your customers thirst for quality and variety. As a widely recognized brand, Sunkist lemonades are the perfect choice for an on trend beverage station, appealing to a wide range of customers who prefer different flavor options. 


Sunkist Lemonade

Sunkist Lemonades pair perfectly with today's healthier menus, appeal to the snack set, and provide an easy way to offer a truly exciting flavor variety. 

  • A refreshing combination of tangy and sweet make our lemonade the perfect treat
  • Mix any of our lemonades with iced tea for a delicious half and half or add your favorite fruit syrups for instant beverage variety

The Vitality Express Dispenser offers:

Dispenser blends concentrate and water perfectly every time.

Closed system with no hoses or tubes to trap bacteria.

The Vitality Express delivers up to five 5 oz portions per minute under 45°F.

The Vitality ExpressPak is designed to evacuate completely.

The 4-drink Express system with its Flavor Flip feature can serve up to 8 cold beverages from 1 convenient dispenser with a simple flip of a switch.


Dispenser Dimensions

Height 29.3” (74.4 cm), Width 15.0” (38.1 cm), Depth 24.3” (61.7 cm)


Refrigerated concentrate and water mixed on demand


Four electronically controlled pump motors

Product Flow Rate

Approximately 1.6 oz/second (47.3 mL). Varies with product.

Concentrate Capacity

Four 3 liter ExpressPaks

Product Capability

Four selections offered, plus Flavor Flip that allows up to four alternate selections

Electrical System

Solid state control electronics with self-diagnostic system. Available in two voltage configurations: A. 110-120VAC, 60 Hz, 8 FLA (15-16A at compressor start) / B. 220-240VAC, 50 Hz, 5 FLA.

Security System

Key lock located on side of door. Night switch located behind graphics panel turns off water solenoid, pump motors, and graphics panel.

Refrigeration System

Dual capillary tube refrigeration system with individual controls for water chilling and concentrate cooling. Temperature is monitored by precision thermistors for accurate control.


Five 5 oz (148 mL) servings per minute under 45°F (7.2°C) at ambient air and incoming water temperature of 75°F (23.9°C)

Water Connection

Inlet hose fitted with 3/8” male flare

Water Supply Pressure

Requires 30-100 PSI


UL, C-UL, UL Sanitation, TUV, GS

Shipping Weight

160 lbs (72.8 kg)


2” (5.08 cm) at rear, sides and top for ventilation


Product Nestlé Code Nestlé Case Code
Sunkist Pomegranate Lemonade 10% Fzn Conc 3 x 3 L 5 + 1 10000673 10011100007162
Sunkist Raspberry Lemonade 10% Fzn Conc 3 x 3 L 5 + 1 12304976 00011100401536
Sunkist Pink Lemonade 16% Fzn Conc 3 x 3 L 5 + 1 12305349 00011100636464
Sunkist White Lemonade Base 5% Fzn Conc 3 x 3 L 5 + 1 12305400 00011100190478
Sunkist Lemonade 15% Fzn Conc 3 x 3 L 5 + 1 12306058 00011100533626



Ratio 3 x 3 L
5 + 1 1,825 oz


Case Configuration

Pack Size 3 x 3 L
Height 14.5 in
Width 8.75 in
Depth 8.94 in
Case Cube 0.6562 ft3
Case per Pallet 60
Pallet (TI/HI) 20 x 3



Our commitment to you

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