Menu Optimization Trend Report 2021

Thursday, March 18, 2021

foodservice worker wearing a mask

Optimize Menus, Maximize Sales

Operators are downsizing menus and transitioning to simpler operating models in order to make them more profitable and efficient in the post-pandemic era.

A smaller menu means that every single item needs to work harder. A streamlined, multitasking selection of offerings allows individual items to perform double- and even triple-duty. The strategy also leverages such sales-building categories as “left side of the menu” add-ons and beverages, new dayparts, and retail opportunities.

In this special report, we examine the ways in which operators can:

  • Optimize menus to maximize profitability
  • Create versatile, mix-and-match menu items that build more sales
  • Introduce more add-ons such as beverages and desserts
  • Address consumer interest in health and wellness
  • Take advantage of profitable new daypart opportunities
  • Get innovative with retail, meal kits, mail order, and other sales venues

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