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Coffee Facts

Coffee Facts

September 25, 2017

We’ve gathered some of the rich and interesting facts about coffee and its history here for you to read at your leisure. Settle down with a cup of NESCAFÉ and enjoy!


Did You Know?

  • The two main coffee bean species grown commercially are Arabica and Robusta.
  • A coffee plant can live for between 60 and 70 years. It can take up to four years for a coffee tree to reach maturity and start to bare fruit.
  • Take your coffee black with no sugar? Then your coffee is practically calorie-free with just 2-5 kcal per cup.
  • Coffee is one of the world’s most consumed drinks, after water. In fact over 1400 million cups of coffee are drunk around the world each day and the majority of coffee is enjoyed at breakfast.
  • Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. It’s beaten only by oil.
  • The English word ‘coffee’ originates from the Arabic word ‘kaweh’ meaning strength or vigor.