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Dessert items on blue table setting

Nutripro: Finding Your Customers’ Sweet Spot

October 19, 2015

Your customers come to you with varied tastes, backgrounds, dietary needs—and sometimes, a craving for something sweet. How do you satisfy them all? Offer up a menu they can’t resist.

Choices, choices

Give your customers options in recipes and serving sizes. Include lower-fat, lower-sugar treats along with full-flavor indulgences. Sugar-free, gluten free, and vegetarian or vegan choices may also be appreciated.

Tell it like it is

Be transparent, providing a calorie count and nutritional value for items on the dessert menu. When customers share with a friend, the calories are halved!

The lasting impression

While desserts don’t have to be complicated, they do have to be good. Even when a meal has been excellent, a disastrous dessert will leave the customer with a poor impression.

Habit-forming tastes

Consider offering an occasional free dessert special to let customers sample your wares. They may be more likely to order one on repeat visits.