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Prepare Your Restaurant for a Possible Recession

Learn proven strategies now to prevent a possible decline in sales or customer counts in the future.


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What’s Inside

  • Trend 1: Making Menu Adjustments
  • Trend 2: Streamlining Operations
  • Trend 3: Growing Brand Loyalty

Create more predictable restaurant sales this year. It’s easy when you focus on what customers want.

Inside this new trend report, you’ll learn how to prepare your restaurant for a possible recession by concentrating on three key factors that can help your bottom line: adopting a flexible approach to menu adjustments, operational efficiency, and brand reach.

In a June 2022 survey, only 18% of operators said they expected economic conditions to improve in six months, while 43% expected them to worsen.

Consumers are adjusting their dining out occasions and spending due to inflation and what many perceive as a possible recession.

Restaurant owners are experiencing price inflation and passing it along to customers in higher menu prices, resulting in consumer searches for budget-friendly dining options.

With the insights inside this trend report, take the business and financial measures needed to stay ahead of receding sales and unpredictable business scenarios in the coming year.

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