Regional Influences On Global Flavors

April 21, 2017

Flavors to Watch Trend Report: Chapter 4 Summary

From region to region and state to state, local and global flavors intertwine. The demand for authentic homemade dishes drives consumers to Fast Casual restaurants that have a little taste of home. Different cultures have heavy impacts on specific regions around the United States.



Mexican and Asian are two Fast Casual cuisines gaining popularity at a steady pace around the U.S. And with Asian and Mexican Fast Casual restaurants rapidly expanding, operators can capitalize on a diner’s desire to try different cuisines. The variety of ingredients available to operators – gochujang, chorizo, galangal, tofu, and more – offer up unlimited ways to update menus to suit globally-minded consumers. The distinctive flavors that both Asian and Mexican cuisines offer have the potential to attract a wide consumer base.


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