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Tips to Manage Food Allergens in Your Kitchen

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MAINTAIN AN ALLERGY-FREE ZONE and keep it stocked with dedicated aprons, gloves, cutting boards, utensils, and knives.

  1. STORE PLATES ABOVE THE WORK AREA to prevent cross contact from falling food particles.
  2. AVOID FRIED FOODS—The fryer is a common source of cross contact.
  3. STORE FOODS in clearly labeled, sealed containers.
  4. APRONS and GLOVES should be changed/replaced and CUTTING BOARDS, utensils, and cooking surfaces should be cleaned before food prep.
  5. BLEACH AND WATER at room temperature is the standard for cleaning food prep surfaces. Use 15 mL of bleach for every 4 liters of water.
  6. FOR SALAD STATIONS AND CONDIMENTS, keep foods containing allergens (eg, eggs, cheese, nuts, and seeds) separate and equipped with their own dedicated utensils. Never use utensils for more than one item to avoid a high risk of cross-contact.
  7. SOAP AND WATER eliminates the proteins that cause allergic reactions, while hand sanitizer does not.
  8. STORE FLOUR DOWN LOW to prevent cross-contact from small spills.
  • HOT WATER decreases the effectiveness of bleach solutions
  • THE EFFECTIVENESS of a bleach solution diminishes over time
  • KEEP SPRAY BOTTLES of bleach solution for convenient use
  • AIR DRY cleaned surfaces after sanitizing

The information provided is based on a general industry overview, and is not specific to your business operation. Each business is unique and decisions related to your business should be made after consultation with appropriate experts.