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Robots carrying tray 2023 Trend Report

Top 2023 Food & Beverage Industry Trends

Do a deep dive into food and beverage trends, operational know-how, demographic data, and more in Nestlé Professional’s 2023 report.

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What’s Inside

  • Trend 1: Through the Ages
  • Trend 2: A High-Touch Industry Embraces High Tech
  • Trend 3: United Plates of America
  • Trend 4: Brewing All-day Coffee Sales
  • Trend 5: Appetites for Healthy Menus
  • Trend 6: Solutions for Labor Shortages
  • Trend 7: Obstacles, Opportunity, and the Road Ahead
  • Conclusion: Solid Foundation, Strong Future

Foodservice growth is projected for 2023. This full-industry Trend Report shares what operators will want to know about making it happen, including:

  • How to court and cater to the tastes of Gen Z consumers, a demographic group with big spending potential
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Learn what matters to all demographic groups and how to appeal to win their loyalty.

  • The profit-minded opportunities of all-day coffee sales and how specialty beverages play into the picture
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47% of guests say that beverage offerings are very important to them when deciding which restaurants to visit for meals.1

  • Smart strategies to lower staff turnover, boost morale, and improve job satisfaction
  • Foods, preparations, and cuisines that are on the menu hot list
  • Restaurant technology that solves operational issues and improves the bottom line
2023 Trend Report Plate of Vegetables
Global diversity

Global diversity is enlivening menus across all segments. Learn about up-and-coming cuisines and ingredients.

    • What diners believe healthy and mindful eating means to their lifestyles and meal choices
    • Opportunities to build, expand, and invigorate businesses and revenue streams
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    50% of operators are planning to deploy automation and labor-saving technologies in the next two to three years.3

    2023 Trend Report chef leaning
    Attract and Retain Great Teams
    Automation can only do so much to ease the labor crunch. Find out how to attract and retain great teams.

    Sources: 1. Technomic Beverage Study (2020); 2. Restaurant Business, A Closer Look at Menu Trends Spotted at the National Restaurant Association Show (2022); 3. Restaurant Dive (2021).

    Robots carrying tray 2023 Trend Report

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