Patrons are looking for craft-style drinks and Nestlé Vitality Flavored Tea and Lemonade Beverage Bases can help you deliver. With nationwide sales and support, we ensure you have access to quality products, operational knowledge and uncompromised customer service. Inspire guests to try these on-trend flavors in your foodservice operation today.

Patrons are looking for craft-style drinks and soda alternatives, and Nestlé Vitality Flavored Teas & Lemonades can help you deliver. With a selection of dispensed and hand-mix products – backed by nationwide sales and culinary support - we ensure you have access to craveable flavors, operational knowledge, and uncompromised customer service.

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Nestlé Vitality Express Dispenser

Customers can enjoy Nestlé Vitality Flavored Teas & Lemonade from a commercial beverage machine that leads the foodservice industry in efficiency, reliability, and food safety.

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Hand-Mix Beverage Bases

Offer your customers craft-style Nestlé Vitality Teas & Lemonades. Simply thaw, mix, and serve. Present the beverage in a bubbler. Or, use the bases to create craveable signature recipes.

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Build a Refreshing Beverage Program

Offer three on-trend flavors of craft-style teas and lemonade that guests are looking for.


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By offering a mix of craft-quality beverages, you can inspire guests to make fresh discoveries in your operation.