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Think simplicity. Serve efficiently.

Meet Express.

Nestlé Vitality Express Beverage

We believe you and your guests should have a beverage service experience that is as simple and satisfying as the beverage itself. That’s why Nestlé Vitality® Express has proprietary engineering for minimal cleaning and labor, helping you serve a wide variety of cold, delicious juice, lemonade, enhanced water and iced tea choices.

- Built for Speed. 
- No Product Waste. 
- Safe & Sanitary. 
- Clean in 4 Steps.
- Change flavors with a simple flip of a switch with the Flavor FlipTM feature"

Vitalize Your Beverage Business

Today’s Consumers Want More than Just Refreshment. For many, that means a better alternative to soda. Some want the newest in natural flavors and enhancements, others want twists on traditional favorites. Nestlé Vitality has you covered with an exciting offering of on-trend cold beverages.


See the complete line of juices, teas, waters & beverages.

Introducing Flavored Teas & Lemonade

Up to 65% of consumers would like to try new flavors of black tea, green tea, and lemonade.1 Meet the demand for on-trend flavors and soda alternatives with Nestlé Vitality Flavored Teas & Lemonade. Made with sugar and no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors (add colors from natural sources).

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Juice Trends to Squeeze More Profits

Everyone loves a glass of juice, and the range of choices has expanded dramatically! Get our new Infographic to learn the new, and traditional, favorites.

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