Creamy Miso Dipping Sauce

  • 0:05 TIME
  • 48 portions
  • 33 calories



Mayonnaise, 1 cup 8 oz
Minor's Fish Base (No Added MSG)* Gluten Free 6 x 1 pounds, 1 tsp 5 g
Miso, Red miso (1.5 tsp) 7 g
Lime juice, fresh, 1 tsp 5 g
Lime zest, 1 tsp 1 g


  1. Thoroughly whisk together all ingredients.

Serve as a sauce or dip with seafood. Ratio of miso may need to be adjusted based on soduim level of miso brand. Any Minor's Fish or Shellfish Bases, Chicken Base, or Vegetable Base will add the depth of flavor that makes this sauce outstanding.

Nutritional Information

Average nutritional values per portion

Unit Per Serving
Energy 33 kcal
Protein 0 g
Fats, total 4 g
Carbohydrate, total 0 g
Sugars, total 0 g
Fats, saturated 1 g
Fiber, total dietary 0 g
Sodium 40 mg
Calcium 0 mg
Cholesterol 0 mg
Iron 0 mg
Vitamin C 0 mg
Vitamin D 0 IU