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Eggs Benedict made with Chef-mate Corned Beef Hash

  • 0:15 TIME
  • 5 Portions
  • 830 calories



Chef-mate Corned Beef Hash 6 x 107 ounces, formed into 5 patties45 oz
Eggs, whole10 ea
Minor's Hollandaise Sauce Concentrate Gluten Free 6 x 12 ounces, prepared10 fl.oz
Prosciutto, crisped5 oz
Chives, fresh, chopped for garnish10 g
Paprika, mild, for garnish10 g



  1. Griddle corned beef hash patties until they are crisp and golden brown.
  2. Poach the eggs until the whites are firm but not hard.
  3. Assemble each serving by placing hot griddled corned beef on plate, add the crisp prosciutto, and top with two poached eggs and 2 oz Hollandaise sauce.
  4. Garnish with chives and paprika.


Nutritional Information

Average nutritional values per portion

UnitPer Serving
Energy830 kcal
Protein48 g
Fats, total54 g
Carbohydrate, total36 g
Sugars, total4 g
Fats, saturated21 g
Fiber, total dietary3 g
Sodium2941 mg
Calcium176 mg
Cholesterol590 mg
Iron8 mg
Vitamin C2 mg
Vitamin D117 IU