Appetizer/Small Plates Entrées

Shrimp and Kale Penne Alfredo, Gluten Free*

  • 0:08 TIME
  • 1 Portions
  • 336 calories



Virgin olive oil1 tsp
Shrimp, peeled, raw, deveined (5 each)2 oz
Red bell peppers, julienne1 oz
Kale, curly, Tuscan, chopped (1 cup)1.5 oz
Stouffer's Alfredo Sauce Gluten Free (Pouch) 4 x 96 ounces, thawed (1/2 cup)4 fl.oz
Penne Pasta - Gluten Free0 oz



  1. Heat olive oil in a sauté pan over medium high heat. Add shrimp and cook on one side for 1-2 minutes or until they are cooked about halfway.
  2. Flip shrimp and add bell peppers. Sauté until shrimp are almost cooked and bell peppers are soft, approximately 2 more minutes.
  3. Add kale and toss 1-2 minutes to begin to wilt the kale.
  4. Add Alfredo Sauce and toss a few more times to finish wilting the kale.
  5. Add pasta and toss to coat.

*When using Gluten Free ingredients, recipes, and proper back of house procedures.

Nutritional Information

Average nutritional values per portion

UnitPer Serving
Energy336 kcal
Protein15 g
Fats, total24 g
Carbohydrate, total13 g
Sugars, total5 g
Fats, saturated7 g
Fiber, total dietary1 g
Sodium964 mg
Calcium267 mg
Cholesterol103 mg
Iron2 mg
Vitamin C91 mg
Vitamin D1 IU