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Signature Beverages–Big News, Big Sales

September 1, 2021

Coffee, tea, and juices are basic to foodservice. But they’re something really special when you add your creativity. Feature signature beverages to stir things up. We have ideas.

Create one-of-a-kind beverages that will engage customers and encourage premium pricing. Juice or coffee are great on their own, but using them as a building block for a unique specialty item is when things really get interesting. Not only are these beverages distinctive and craveable, but they can also make news—especially on social media—and support premium pricing. 


  • Explore global variations (Vietnamese, Brazilian)
  • Add popular flavors like salted caramel or pumpkin spice using creamers or syrups
  • Mix coffee with tonic for an afternoon pick-me-up
  • Put a wellness glow on a latte or another specialty coffee with additions like turmeric, ginger, seaweed, goji berries, or maple syrup
  • Use popular branded ingredients like cookies, candies, shortcake, or cereal to make a signature layered latte that blurs the line between coffee and dessert


  • Craft a better-for-you cocktail based on tea
  • Let customers play with mix-and-match Design Your Own Tea (tea blend, milk, inclusion, flavor, sweetener, and sweetness level)
  • Experiment with matcha or hot spiced chai tea jazzed up with distinctive ingredients such as spirulina, single-flower honey, or black pepper
  • Treat tea to a nitro boost
  • Mix iced tea with pineapple or apple juice and fresh mint


  • Add sparkling water for carbonated lemonade
  • Turn lemonade into a slushy
  • Make it spicy with the addition of chili powder on the rim
  • Boost flavor with a fruit or an herb—or combine it with limeade
  • Combine lemonade with plain or flavored iced tea

Juices and Smoothies

  • Remember that trendy smoothie bowls are nothing more than a curated, deconstructed smoothie, with the ingredients presented in a bowl rather than buzzed in a blender
  • Add juice-bar appeal with à la carte juice add-ins like wheatgrass, aloe, or cold-pressed ginger juice
  • Keto smoothies swap out high-carb fruits and yogurt for high-fiber berries and high-protein fats like avocado and peanut butter
  • Add peppermint or cayenne to perk up the flavor of juice

Adding Flavor to the Brew: Top Coffee Flavors by 4-Year Menu Growth

Orange                  +127%

Ginger       +94% Almond     +91%

Pumpkin      +87%

Cinnamon              +69%

Caramel    +41% Vanilla       +35%

Chocolate    +25%

White Chocolate    +25%

Mocha       +15% Hazelnut    +8%

Raspberry    +8%

French Vanilla        +3%

Source: Datassential Snap (2021)    

The information provided is based on a general industry overview, and is not specific to your business operation. Each business is unique and decisions related to your business should be made after consultation with appropriate experts.

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