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Great Coffee in the Workplace Boosts Employee Productivity

Offering specialty coffees in the office increases employee productivity and satisfaction. Find out how a strong coffee program can benefit your business. 

Did you know that 43% of employees start their day with coffee and many continue to drink it throughout the day?* It’s true! In fact, the workplace is the second highest location for drinking coffee, preceded by only at-home consumption.*

Research by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee suggests that offering great coffee at work increases productivity.* That’s because employees don’t need to venture out of the office to get their favorite specialty coffee drinks. This often saves 30 minutes (or more) of non-productivity.

Great-tasting coffee doesn’t just keep employees on task and in the office. It may also have a positive impact on overall job satisfaction. When it comes to coffee, don’t underestimate the important role it plays in the workplace.

Why Employees Drink Coffee

There are many reasons employees drink coffee. However, there are four primary reasons that rise to the top:*

  • 45% to wake up or start their day
  • 41% as a matter of habit or part of their routine
  • 36% for taste
  • 34% to stay awake or for energy

Whether employees drink coffee because they enjoy the taste or are looking for an energy boost, offering a range of flavors and styles can be a great addition to your workplace.

The Benefits of Coffee in the Work Environment

85% of employees believe coffee breaks are important.* On top of that, employees feel valued when they have great coffee options to choose from. Employees may view quality coffee as a sign that their company cares about employee well-being. Here are a few beneficial reasons to provide quality coffee at work.

Employee Well-being

Short breaks throughout the day provide mental and physical benefits. Time away from their desks allows employees to stretch their legs and clear their minds before returning to daily tasks. Coffee breaks can often range from 5 to 10 minutes and may be viewed as a positive daily ritual.

Positive Social Interaction

Office coffee machines are the new water cooler. Employees can use coffee breaks for personal exchanges with their co-workers. Plus, some employees believe that coffee breaks are an effective way to maintain team morale. Short trips to the coffee maker promote socialization and team building.

Organizational Benefits

Coffee breaks spark creativity. Employees can take a few minutes to reflect on their work while sipping their favorite brew. That quick break is often all it takes to refresh, refuel, and rethink solutions. Coffee breaks can encourage impromptu meetings, cooperation, and the exchange of ideas between co-workers.  

Providing Better Coffee Solutions

55% of workplaces offer only a drip coffee maker.* But employees want the quality and variety offered at a coffee shop, without the hassle and cost of visiting one. Since 2017, more than half the cups of coffee consumed each day are considered gourmet.* Specialty coffees have become the new norm, compared to traditional drip coffee. Offering high-quality coffee and a variety of choices leaves employees more satisfied at work.

Specialty Coffee Satisfies Everyone

When there are limited coffee options at the office, employees try to find more desirable alternatives. This can lower their efficiency during the workday and decrease the amount of time they spend in the office.

Providing the quality and variety of a coffee shop will keep employees in the workplace and increase their productivity.

Imagine this: Your employees no longer need to make coffee runs before or during work. Their favorite specialty coffee drinks are right at their fingertips. They have impromptu meetings and are more productive. Employees are simply more satisfied and so are you.

Provide free coffee for employees. See how easy it is to increase employee productivity in the workplace with a great coffee program.

For more information about specialty coffee solutions for your office, visit NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto.

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Coffee Facts

Coffee Facts

We’ve gathered some of the rich and interesting facts about coffee and its history here for you to read at your leisure. Settle down with a cup of NESCAFÉ and enjoy!