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Making Nestlé a Better Company

October 20, 2019

Shared values bind a company together. At Nestlé Professional and its parent companies that means an emphasis on employee health, safety, and wellness. It also means supporting the professional development of each individual. Read more about how we share your values.

As part of Nestlé S.A. of Vevey, Switzerland—the world’s largest food company with a focus on Nutrition, Health & Wellness—Nestlé Professional (NP) and its parent company Nestlé USA understand the importance of human resources. We believe that great work comes from people who are inspired to do their best. Our team enjoys rewarding work and meaningful challenges in an inclusive work environment. 

At Nestlé USA, taking care of business starts with taking care of our people, including competitive pay; high-quality health care and benefit programs; financial assistance in the event of illness, disability or death; and financial security assistance for retirement. In addition, we offer best-in-class opportunities for learning and development and WorkLife benefits. 

We have implemented a number of programs and policies that are designed to support our associates at the local, national, and global levels. Below are just a few examples. 

Health, Safety & Wellness

  • Friends Helping Friends (safety observation practices)
    The goal of this safety program is to recognize safe behavior and decrease at-risk behaviors using the collective organization—engaging, observing, and providing feedback and coaching. Friends Helping Friends is currently in place in our factories and in our supply chain, where it’s been a key contributor to our success in eliminating at-risk behavior and reducing injuries.

  • Safe Driving Training Course
    Nestlé is launching a defensive driving course for all employees who drive on behalf of the company (previously, only salespeople using a company car took the course). The program, which was developed by the National Safety Council (NSC) and, is a nationally accredited classroom course using online technology and advanced teaching tools.

  • Know Your Numbers (onsite health screenings)
    Nestlé provides a free on-campus biometric screening for employees. When completed in conjunction with an online health assessment, employees can earn $300 wellness credit on their annual contribution to their health insurance premium. Spouses/domestic partners are eligible for an additional discount when they participate in the online health assessment and participate in an offsite clinic screening.

    OPTIFAST is a comprehensive weight-management program that combines lifestyle education and medical monitoring with meal replacement products.

    • Available to all Nestlé employees and family members with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 32 or higher.

    • Personalized dietitian counseling.

    • Physician-supervised.

    • Up to $2,000 Nestlé benefit for OPTIFAST products.

  • Employee Assistance Program and WorkLife Services Benefit
    The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and WorkLife Services Benefit is offered to Nestlé employees to help them manage life's challenges, providing counseling services, child and elder care referrals, solutions for nursing mothers, financial and legal advice, help with balancing work and life issues, and more. These benefits are available to employees as well as any household members, including dependents living away from home.

Nestlé provides many other NH&W programs designed to keep its employees safe and healthy, including:

  • Wellness health savings and discounts for activities such as meetings with a nutritionist, wellness programs, smoking cessation, weight loss programs, and maintenance medication programs.

  • NQ (Nutrition Quotient) NHW training.

  • Onsite fitness centers including classes such as yoga and boot camp; discounted programs at local gyms.

  • Contributions for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).

Learning & Professional Development

The continuous development of our people plays a fundamental role in our vision to become the very best Nutrition, Health & Wellness company in the world. We regard training as a major and important investment in the future of the company.

For us, training is more than just a transfer of know-how and skill development. It is instrumental in spreading the Nestlé culture and fostering our corporate principles and values. Some of the most valuable career development opportunities happen on the job. We strive to provide our employees with hands-on experience they can use throughout their careers. We also provide tools, resources, and support through Nestlé University to help employees manage their own career path and reach their full potential.

  • Nestlé University
    Our goal at Nestle University (NU) is to provide employees with best-in-class training so that they can grow and develop through each career. Courses are organized according to career flow so that employees can easily target the right skills when they’re needed. In addition to classroom training, we offer access to hundreds of online resources so that your employees can focus on development at any time and anywhere.

  • Educational Reimbursement
    We also offer financial assistance for approved outside educational courses that will help enhance job-related knowledge and skills. If eligible, educational expenses for tuition, books, and other required fees may be reimbursed up to a calendar-year annual benefit maximum.

  • Career Development
    Career development for our employees is a priority for Nestlé, in both their personal lives and as members of the larger team. There are also many specialized initiatives, including:

    • Women’s Development: Globally, gender balance is a key initiative. The vision of the Nestlé Women’s Network is to improve gender balance at leadership levels through recruiting, retention, and development, resulting in an increase in the percentage of talented women at manager level and above. Centralized resources are available to aid in the development of women throughout Nestlé USA.

    • Organization Development: This customized, holistic approach assists all members of our organization to reach their highest professional and personal potential by gaining self-awareness, uncovering “blind spots,” and painting their own creative path throughout the organization. This is achieved by implementing solutions tailored for the individual, groups, and the organization.

    • These services include developing a deeper understanding of employee strengths, areas of opportunity, gaining insight into team dynamics, or professionally facilitating After Action Reviews (AAR) for continuous improvement.


Safety, Health, and Environment (SH&E) are an integral part of the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles that form our culture. These principles guide our actions and help us protect the safety and health of employees, visitors, contractors, suppliers, and vendors, and care for the environment through sound business practices. Our goal is zero harm to people and the environment, and we believe that our goal of zero injuries and environmental incidents is attainable with the right mindset.

Safety is all about taking individual ownership of action and behaviors—and at the same time, making sure others, including our colleagues, consistently engage in safe behaviors. As Nestlé employees, we each have the obligation to speak up and look out for one another, to be mindful of at-risk conditions, and to behave in a way that prevents injury and negative impact to the environment. Our families and loved ones rely on us to be safe and environmentally-conscious at work and at home. Our business relies on a healthy environment for the efficient production of our agricultural raw materials.


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