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Nutripro: More Plants on the Plate Magazine Cover and Interior

Nutripro: More Plants on the Plate

People around the world are choosing to eat less meat and incorporating more plant-based foods into their diets. Learn what’s behind this trend, and how to make it work in your operation.

What’s Inside This Issue:

  • A Sustainable Way to Feed the World
  • Understanding Plant-Based Diets
  • Getting Protein
  • Complementary Proteins Across Cultures
  • Plant-Based Beverages
  • The Beauty of Plants
  • Serving It Up
  • Cooking with Plants

The information provided is based on a general industry overview, and is not specific to your business operation. Each business is unique and decisions related to your business should be made after consultation with appropriate experts.

Nutripro All About Balance magazine

Nutripro: All About Balance

As obesity and the health risks associated with it become more widespread, people are more aware of what they are eating and what it means for their health. In this issue, we examine the role that restaurants can play and share tips for offering and communicating healthier choices.