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Planetpro: No Time to Waste—The Restaurant’s Role in Reducing Trash

Today many customers are also interested in your waste reduction efforts, as they begin to realize the environmental costs of waste. In this first issue of Planetpro, we will take a look at this topic and show you some practical ways you can manage waste.

What’s Inside This Issue:

  • Key Statistics on the Current State of Waste Today
  • Where Energy is Used in an Operation
  • Opportunities to Reduce Packaging Waste
  • Sustainable Ingredients
  • Getting More from Every Ingredient
  • Ideas for Leftovers
  • Composting Guidance
  • Waste Reduction at the Table
  • Tracking Waste

Planetpro: No Time to Waste—At the Table

Dinner is served, but waste reduction doesn’t end here. There are several steps you can take to prevent or cut back on waste as you serve the meal and clean up after your guests.