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Virtual Dining Solutions

We're in the business of helping your kitchen ghost, cloud or traditional — thrive.

We provide delivery only brands with built-in tools.

Our ghost kitchen solutions arrive pre-loaded with branding, menus, standards of operations, training, supplies, merchandising, promotion and profit models. 

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$1 trillion: Potential global growth from virtual dining by 2030.*

* Euromonitor International
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What is virtual dining?

Also known as ghost kitchens or cloud kitchens, virtual dining consists of optimizing operations to maximize delivery potential. This can include introducing new dining concepts or utilizing third party delivery services.

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Is virtual dining right for you?

By adding a ghost kitchen to your existing model you can:

  • Discover more dayparts & consumer demand
  • Reveal additional revenue streams & efficiencies
  • Add new cuisines to your operation
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Nestlé Professional - we’re your back back-of-house.

With best-in-class innovations across our portfolio of beloved and iconic brands, we offer unparalleled scale with over 500 proven product solutions.

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Tips and tricks for working with third party delivery apps.

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75% labor reduction when incorporating virtual dining into your existing model. *

* Euromonitor International
Our Current Roster of Virtual Brands

Our chefs are always developing exciting, new recipes and restaurant concepts. Check back soon for what’s next.

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Southwest Street Eats

Southwest-inspired, plant-based and craveable. Made with Sweet Earth & Minor’s.

Mac and Cheese Eatery toolkit for virtual dining
Mac & Cheese Eatery

Cheese-filled comfort food that no one can resist. Made with Stouffer’s, Sweet Earth & Minor’s.

Saffron Middle Eastern dinner concept
Middle East Cuisine

Middle Eastern-inspired flavors that are sure to satisfy. Made with Sweet Earth & Minor’s.

Parker Street Biscuits
Parker Street Biscuits

All day Breakfast favorites. Made with Chef-mate and Minor’s.

How do you start a ghost kitchen?

When you activate a Virtual Dining Solution with Nestlé Professional, we’re with you every step of the way—from the first dish you prepare to your first sale.

Step 01

Get in touch with your rep at Nestlé Professional to tell us your growth goals & requirements.

Step 02

Using our profit maximization tools, we’ll tailor concept recommendations and review recipe options.

Step 03

Sign up & gain access to our suite of tools. Order ingredients and packaging to get your kitchen prepared.

Step 04

Create an account on delivery apps using our tips and marketing tools. Your virtual brand is open for business!

Consumers are Craving More Delivery Options

Ghost kitchens or cloud kitchens, are one of the foodservice industry’s solutions to meet consumer demands for delicious, convenient meals in a safe take-out or delivery environment. Gaining momentum quickly, ghost kitchens and virtual brands offer foodservice operators opportunities to boost off-premise food sales, easily customize and adjust web or app-based menus, and cater to evolving customer needs.

Ghost kitchens and virtual brands offer flexibility to experiment with trend-forward ingredients across multiple cuisines. We can help curate your menu and create concept efficiencies with shared ingredients. In this way, you can operate multiple brands from one location or simply expand your current brand quickly through other ghost locations.

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Ready to go virtual?