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Nutripro: Make it Sizzle—The New Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

In response to a rising demand for sustainable, healthy ways to eat, plant-based proteins are popping up on menus all over the globe.  This issue will help you make the most of one of the hottest trends in the industry. 

Nutripro Make It Sizzle magazine

What’s Inside This Issue:

  • History of Meat Alternatives
  • The Reasons Behind the Rising Demand for Plant-Based Foods
  • Motivations of Flexitarian Diners
  • A Look Inside Plant-Based Meat Alternatives
  • Chef’s Secrets for Choosing Plant-Based Meat Alternatives
  • Culinary Tips
  • Five Reasons to Use Plant-Based Meat Alternatives
  • Inspirational Dishes
  • Overcoming Meatless Protein Concerns
  • Menu Tips
  • Six Steps for Successful Launches