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Food and Beverage Trend Report 2020

Food and Beverage Industry Trends 2020

Find out about the 10 trends that will drive foodservice in the coming year.

Demographic and societal shifts are impacting many of the most interesting new developments in foodservice. 

Every year it’s the same question: What will be the biggest trends? Is gochujang the new Sriracha? What’s the next “it” beverage? What’s happening with wellness and nutrition?

As we enter a new decade, the scene is being set for change, from flexible menu formats to individualized ways to look at nutrition, from new beverage delivery platforms to multicultural global flavor trends.

Through it all, foodservice patrons are demanding some very specific benefits from their dining experiences:

  • Customization and uniqueness
  • Inclusivity (including global foods, dietary options, and socially conducive ambience)
  • Sustainability, transparency, and ethical sourcing
  • Value for the dollar in food and convenience

Against this backdrop, the usual operational pressures and opportunities of labor shortages and rising costs, technological advances, and changes in supply chains still apply.

In this report, read about some of the overarching food, beverage, and service trends that are reshaping the industry for a new generation of consumers, including specific ideas, tips, and how-tos that operators in all segments can use to harness the momentum of these trends.





Health & Wellness
Nutrition: Have It Your Way 

In an era of customization in every corner of the menu, diet and nutrition have also become a highly personalized matter. Rather than counting calories or avoiding cholesterol, consumers are making food and beverage choices based on their personal definition of health, including food described as:

  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • High in protein
  • Gluten free

Learn about meeting demand for better-for-you food choices that fit within your customers’ specific needs, tastes, and goals by downloading this report.












TREND 1 Instagram It!

TREND 2 Mix-and-Match Menus

TREND 3 Nutrition: Have It Your Way

TREND 4 The New Global Pantry

TREND 5 Lemonade and Iced Tea, Year-Round

TREND 6 Food That Tells a Story

TREND 7 “86” Food Waste

TREND 8 The Future Is Flexitarian

TREND 9 Tapping the Draft Beverage Trend

TREND 10 Go Big with Bitter and Sour

CONCLUSION An Eye on the Consumer Is Key to Success

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