Nestlé Professional: A Commitment to Nutrition

October 20, 2015

Learn how Nestlé Professional continues to upgrade the nutritional value of products by reducing sugar, salt, and saturated fat content, as well as by offering more gluten free options.

Good Food, Good Life

Good Food, Good Life: That’s the Nestlé Professional commitment to nutrition, health and wellness—for you, and for your customers. This goal is central to everything we do here at Nestlé, from product R&D to our partnership with the USDA’s ChooseMyPlate initiative.

Creating Shared Value through Nutrition

Nestlé is dedicated to Creating Shared Value and making a positive impact on society through every product we sell. We deliver on this promise by supporting healthy living with a variety of nutritionally balanced and whole-grain solutions that taste good. We are committed to reducing sugar, fat and sodium and we provide easy-to-understand nutritional information to operators – to help everyone make smart choices. And we are continually working to make our products tastier and more relevant to consumers.  



Nestlé Professional: A Commitment to Nutrition

“At Nestlé, we believe that for our business to prosper in the long term, we must create value for our employees, customers, stakeholders, consumers and the communities where we live and work. We call this approach Creating Shared Value, and it is a fundamental part of our business strategy and key to our overall success.” 

Reducing Sodium in Our Products

As health professionals find more links between excessive sodium consumption and risk for health issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease, the demand for reduced-sodium solutions is growing. In November 2013, our parent company Nestlé S.A. pledged to accelerate salt reduction across all of our savory food products to support the World Health Organization (WHO) salt target. Minor’s® and Trio® offer low- and reduced-sodium bases and gravies that address this need without sacrificing flavor.

Adding Gluten Free Options

Consumer demand for gluten free items is growing—and our product offerings are growing along. At Nestlé Professional, we are continuing to reformulate and validate Minor’s and Stouffer’s sauces, flavor solutions, side dishes and more to meet the FDA’s requirements for gluten free labeling in the United States.

Removing Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Trans fat: no single nutritional issue has received more negative attention in recent years than partially hydrogenated oil, a manufactured additive that is a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Nestlé Professional was ahead of the curve, and we have removed trans fats from all of our branded product lines.

Reducing Added Sugars

Public health authorities recommend a reduction in the intake of added sugars. In many countries around the world, current levels of sugar consumption risk displacing some of the essential nutrients in the diet. As with salt, our gradual approach to reducing sugar is helping consumers adapt their taste preferences, making them more likely to adopt a healthier diet in the long term, without compensating with table sugar or by choosing more sugary alternatives on the market.

Reducing Saturated Fats

Nestlé Professional and its parent company Nestlé S.A. are committed to continually reducing the level of saturated fat in food and beverage products, in order to help consumers achieve targeted daily saturated fat intake as recommend by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other leading national and international authorities. The company has had a mandatory policy in place since 2009 to monitor the level of saturated fat in all our food products; to not increase the level of certain saturated fatty acids above the current values; and to reduce levels wherever it is deemed necessary and feasible to do so.

Providing Nutritional Solutions with Nutripro

Good Food, Good Life means not only providing our customers with products that meet their nutrition, health and wellness goals, but also sharing information. As part of the largest private funder of health and nutrition research in the world, Nestlé Professional is in a unique position to provide resources to help make that happen. First developed for the healthcare segment, Nutripro makes nutrition delicious, with easy recipes that take the guesswork out of delivering healthy balance.

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