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Variety of coffees and coffee beans

2023 Top Trend—Coffee Fast-Forwards to All Day Sales

Even Starbucks once had slumping coffee sales after the morning rush. They cracked the code. So can you. Learn how to perk up afternoon sales.

Like many coffee shops, Starbucks once struggled to increase traffic after the morning rush cooled down. Judging by lines of customers often queued up to enter its flagship Reserve Roastery location in Chicago, the foodservice industry giant has cracked the code. Said to be the largest store in its system (it used to house Crate & Barrel), it has four floors, each with a distinct vibe—including a cocktail lounge—and all sorts of opportunities to turn coffee consumption into a full-blown experience. Just a few blocks north, Ralph Lauren retrofitted part of its retail space into a recently opened coffee shop, proof right there that coffee has morphed from a beverage to a lifestyle thing.

The all-important Gen Z—those born after 1997—helps drive all-day coffee momentum. With spending power estimated to be more than $150 billion, the flexibility of work from home, a preference for snacks over meals, and a taste for blended and iced coffee beverages, this younger demographic shows strong inclination to grab a later-day coffee drink, often turning it into a social event. Millennials, too, are important players in specialty coffee sales; 49% of 25- to 39-year-olds surveyed for National Coffee Data Trends reported having at least one specialty coffee drink in the past day.

Operationally, specialty coffee beverages don’t ask for much in terms of different ingredients, equipment, or skill levels—advantages that contribute to attractive profit margins. A powerful blender, selection of different flavorings and whiteners, and maybe a few extra roasts are baseline needs. Just add creativity plus lots of ice!

Some of the country’s coolest menus turned up great coffee ideas for most any foodservice operation.

Cold brew trio flight with three varieties including barrel-aged

Mulled spiced coffee flavored with chai spices and garnished with a fresh citrus twist

Minted iced coffee shaken with mint syrup and garnished with fresh mint

Churro latte adds milk infused with sugar and spices, including cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg, to brewed espresso. This can easily be shaken over ice for an iced cinnamon latte

Classic shakerato made by adding 2–3 shots espresso to a cocktail shaker with simple syrup and medium ice cubes and shaking vigorously to get a foamy head; alcohol may be added as desired

Iced “old-fashioned” with simple syrup and bitters, shaken over ice and garnished with orange peel (singed, if practical, for extra flair) and cherry

Pink Velvet Latte, tailor-made for Valentine’s Day, relies on espresso and red velvet-flavored syrup, a pouf of whipped cream and hot cocoa powder dusting

Hot caramel mocha with espresso, hot cocoa mix, caramel syrup, steamed and served with topping of coconut milk and marshmallow crème with a sprinkle of black salt

Vietnamese cold brew built on cold brew coffee sweetened with condensed milk, a dash of mint syrup, and sprinkle of cinnamon


The information provided is based on a general industry overview, and is not specific to your business operation. Each business is unique and decisions related to your business should be made after consultation with appropriate experts.

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