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trends and insights

Trends and Insights

As our industry changes, adapting is essential. Check back often for new insights, data, and trends.
Trend report cover image chef in kitchen diners and drinks in hand

Top 2024 Food & Beverage Industry Trends

What’s the biggest foodservice prediction for 2024? Record-high growth. Learn how to get your share with our top food and beverage industry trend picks.

Friends gathering for drinks

Learn Today’s 6 Most Important Beverage Flavor Trends

Beverage flavor trends are always evolving. Find out today’s innovative flavors and which classics continue to sell well.

Trend report preview chef and gatherings

2024 Foodservice Industry Trend Snapshot

What will 2024 bring to the foodservice industry? We preview the changes you need to anticipate in our Trend Report.

table full of vegetables

Diners Plant New Dining Habits

Aiming for a reset, many diners launch new habits in January. When reducing animal protein is part of the plan, it’s smart to meet them on meatless terms.

woman drinking iced coffee in front of open laptop

8 Ways to Promote Iced Beverages Year Round

Heat up cold drink sales any time of year with these easy tips for marketing iced coffee, tea, and other iced beverages.

Korsmo National Restaurant Association President

National Restaurant Association President and CEO Discusses the Industry’s Future

Michelle Korsmo, President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association, shares her thoughts and insights on the future of foodservice.

chef holding pan over open flame

A Sauté Primer from Prep to Plate

Quick sautés deserve a place on every menu, their wide-ranging versatility and relative ease of cooking are a boon for busy kitchens.

Custom sauces on salmon

On-Trend, Off-the-Shelf Products Help Address Supply Chain Challenges

Off-the-shelf products mitigate supply chain disruptions while helping to satisfy evolving customer demands.

waiting servings guests

Learn How to Upsell Effectively

Combine upselling with excellent customer service to elevate the dining experience and boost check averages.

glazed chicken wings in basket on table

Easy and Irresistible Appetizers

Appetizers and small plates are patron-pleasing and easy on the kitchen. Learn more ways to serve them.

Limited time offers cover image with burger soup and coffee

Winning with Limited-Time Offers

Tips, tricks, and time-tested techniques that prove the power of limited-time offers in the restaurant business.

Charcuterie board

How to Make a Charcuterie Board Fit Any Menu

Charcuterie boards come in all varieties, from meat-centric to vegetarian or even sweet. Discover unlimited creativity with this growing trend.

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