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As our industry changes, adapting is essential. Check back often for new insights, data, and trends.
Woman at store buying produce

Know How: The Rise of Plant-Based Foods

Plant-based foods are everywhere. Here, we explore who’s buying, what’s popular, and how to put the trend into motion in your operation.

Chefs standing with arms folded

How to Ease the Labor Crunch

Foodservice is feeling the crunch of the current labor market. From smart hiring to better training, improved benefits, technology assists, and operational hacks, discover strategies to stay fully staffed.

pile of various potatoes

Menu Pro Tips: Potatoes

One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, more! With menu applications across all dayparts and high consumer acceptance, potatoes have star-power status that never wanes.

Overhead image of smoothies

Get Ready! It’s Smoothie Season!

Up to 67% of consumers love/like smoothies. They are refreshing, healthy, portable and make a great snack or meal addition. Here are some ways on how to profit from the demand.

All day dining trends

All-day Dining Trend Report

Learn how to leverage late-night dining and all-day breakfast trends to increase restaurant visits and introduce new streams of revenue.

Chef adding food to to-go container

Ghost Kitchens Deliver New Business

Ghost Kitchens are quick to ramp up, require limited investment, and let you experiment with menus. See what’s big in this $43 billion1 segment and scare up some profits.

Iced coffee with ice cream scoop on top

Dressed Up Coffee Is Dessert By Itself

Coffee has moved onto dessert menus in a big way and not just as an accompaniment to food. Here’s a look at how coffee is changing the way we think about dessert. 

Brunch sandwich with egg and bacon and juice

Ready, Set, Speed-Scratch!

Speed-scratch is the secret weapon for foodservice kitchens, increasing productivity and ensuring consistent quality. Get food to the table faster with labor savings to boot. Learn how speed-scratch works.

Middle Eastern Cuisine

Discover Middle Eastern Flavors Your Customers Love

With Middle Eastern flavors playing big in the trend world, adding them to menus is a smart move. A selection of ingredients that’s strong on multiuse versatility works in most any operation; it may be time to add some to inventory.

Multiple cups of coffee

Demand for Innovative Beverages Explodes

Customers are in an adventurous mood, opening new opportunities for beverages. Here are some of the latest trends to help spark menu ideas, from the functional to the wildly indulgent.

Asian Flavors in bowl with egg

Asian Flavors Heat Up Hospitality

Spicy, sweet, savory Asian flavors continue to attract a growing fanbase. Learn which spices and menu items are trending, and how to add them to your menu.

People eating sandwiches at a table

College Foodservice Shapes Tastes of Gen-Next Restaurant Diners

College students love innovative cuisine.  And, they’ll take that appetite for new tastes with them after graduation. Discover what your future patrons want to eat. Hint: It’s pretty amazing.

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