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trends and insights

Trends and Insights

As our industry changes, adapting is essential. Check back often for new insights, data, and trends.
basket of pears with drink in log stemmed glass

20 Regional Beverage Favorites

Beverages with a strong local following are becoming popular across America. Texas Ranch Water is one. Discover more menu possibilities.

chef taking inventory of stock with clipboard and pen

10 Ways to Trim Food Costs

Keeping food costs under control is essential to your success. Here are 10 easy steps you can take today to lower spending.

Iced coffee in mason jar

15 Hot Ideas for Cold Coffee

Americans love coffee. More and more are taking to iced, nitro, and cold brew. Discover the most popular styles here.

various beans in burlap sacks

The Plant-Based Appeal of Beans and Legumes

With interest in alt-proteins strong, dried beans and lentils offer menu options that are healthy, versatile, and friendly to food costs.

Sauce being poured from a ladle

11 Ways to Reduce Kitchen Labor Costs

Labor-saving recipes, ready-made ingredients, and time-tested techniques that save time and money.

Man with coffee in hand selection something from refrigerated case

10 Ways to Improve Beverage Convenience

Beverages are a mainstay of your operation. Learn how to adjust to changing customer expectations with 10 key concepts.

Man and Woman baristas

The Many Ways to Brew America’s Favorite Beverage

As coffee customers return in force, make sure your operation is ready. Here are the brewing methods you need to know.

Stack of waffles and chicken with blackberries

Multitasking Foods Save Money, Time, Space

Prepared food products should do double duty in your kitchen. Learn how to make them work harder for you. It’ll save time, money, and pantry space.

Man holding an Open sign

Prepare Your Restaurant for a Possible Recession

Learn proven strategies now to prevent a possible decline in sales or customer counts in the future.

Two women drinking coffee viewing computer screen

Beverage Menus for Every Generation

The beverage customer landscape continues to evolve and expand. Here’s how you can keep your drink selection current and inclusive.

Side by side image of shrimp dish and pizza

Signature Menu Items Made Easy with Speed-Scratch

Speed-scratch is basic to many operations. Variations on the theme can exceed expectations and turn simple fare into signature dishes.

Sandwich with lettuce and mayo with bun half off

How to Get More Creative with Condiments

Condiments can be so much more than ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Indulge your patrons’ need for adventure with creative signature condiments.

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