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Sweet Earth

That's The Power Of Plant-Based.

Making More Plant-Based Possible

Expand your menu and boost deliciousness at the same time with Sweet Earth® plant-based proteins. With a variety of options, there’s no limit to what you can offer hungry customers longing for something flavor-forward and right on trend.

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Made in a Kitchen, Not in a Lab

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Excite flavor-seekers with the deliciousness of Sweet Earth® plant-based products. We take a different approach, spending time in the kitchen creating bold flavors. It’s a difference your customers can taste.

Help Grow Your Business with Veganuary

Is your business ready for the movement that’s more than 600,000 consumers strong? Veganuary is a wildly successful drive time for vegan dishes that takes place every January. And it continues to grow each year. Click on our interactive Veganuary Toolkit, below, to find out how you can capitalize on this booming occasion.

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Serve a Wide Range of Plant-Based Substitutes

Sweet Earth® plant-based products are more than meatless. They're flavor-forward, mindful and 100% plant-based. Best of all, there’s a complete range of meat alternatives to satisfy your plant-based customers.

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Make breakfast totally wholesome with the juicy, meaty, deliciousness of traditional pork breakfast sausage, made from plant-based ingredients! New Sweet Earth Breakfast Sausage* Links and Breakfast Sausage* Patties deliver flavors they’ll love! Not only is sausage the third most desired plant-based item1, but plant-based breakfast sandwiches are predicted to grow by 316% in the next four years2.


*plant-based protein

1 IFMA CCP 2020

2 Menu Trends, Datassentials 2021